• About SeHablaLaw

    About us

    SeHablaLaw is an exclusive lawyer directory, where visitors can find Spanish speaking law professionals in the United States.

    Our parent company, Media D’Vine LLC has been dedicated to assisting Spanish speaking users connect with law firms and lawyers for well over a decade. With headquarters located in Orlando, Florida, we’ve been helping online users find professional services since 2008 in various professional industries.

    Our Goal = Your Success

    Our goal is to connect with the Hispanic audience seeking legal services in the U.S. Users can contact law professionals directly though our networks.

    We are an interactive advertising company, which is dedicated to creating search tools, in order to facilitate better results. Our passion stems from the success of our advertisers.

    Attorney Lead Generation Service

    We’ve helped law firms of all sizes attract new client leads organically while providing a growing demand for legal services within Latino communities across the U.S. Our marketing team has years of lead generation campaign experience developing targeted content designed to attract new clients.

    We use a variety of lead generating techniques and tools that will capture your targeted audience while providing them with various ways to contact your firm.

    Increased Opportunities: Potential Clients

    Though many law firms have been marketing to Hispanics for decades, more attorneys today are realizing the importance of connecting with these consumers. The need for legal services in a language other than English has been steadily on the rise in the United States.

    The visitors to SeHablaLaw.com are either beginning their search or are taking the first step in setting up a consultation with an attorney. A large percentage of the submissions we receive are classified as “warm qualified leads”.

    As with any online marketing campaign, the success of converting leads into paying clients begins with optimal speed response. Leads are instantly sent direct to our advertisers once submitted through our enhanced servers.

    If you or your law firm would like more information regarding our services, contact us HERE.